Renaissance Roofing, Inc. Dec 22, 2022 3:00:00 PM 3 min read

Why You Should Schedule a Renaissance Magellan Building Assessment Before Beginning a Historic Restoration


An inspection or assessment before any home restoration is critical to get a lay of the land. This process can help confirm any damage done to a historic building and the size and scope of the work that needs to be done, but it can also bring to light new, previously unknown structural or cosmetic problems that need to be addressed. While most contractors offer an inspection or assessment prior to beginning a restoration, many of these assessments simply lack the depth and detail to evaluate a historic structure on a holistic level. However, our process includes a comprehensive look at the interior and exterior of your structure and creates a transparent project plan that makes you a true partner in the restoration process. 

With this in mind, let’s look at the components of a Renaissance Magellan Building Assessment to better understand how this process provides peace of mind that your historic structure is in capable, experienced, and careful hands.

What's included in a Renaissance Magellan Building Assessment? 

The MBA process is guided by the philosophy that what affects one part of your historic structure may very well — and likely does — affect another, which is part of the reason why the MBA evaluates your structure from the inside, outside, and points in between. 

The MBA is divided into three distinct stages: 

  • An interior assessment of your property that includes a comprehensive inspection of the location of leaks or damage, but also the attic, basement, framing, insulation, and ventilation
  • An exterior evaluation of roof system components (flashings, tile/slate, underlayment, and more); masonry elements such as your chimney or walls; carpentry elements, and gutters and downspouts
  • Use of drone technology to collect critical information from an aerial perspective and identify any potential environmental hazards that could hamper restoration efforts, or cause additional damage in the future. 

All the findings from these three stages are photographed and documented to help create our project plan, and to provide you with a complete picture of the health of your historic property. Plus, our findings also help you maintain your own records to help track the work and investment in your property over time.

how does a mba help ensure a quality historic restoration? 

The Renaissance MBA process helps ensure a quality, cost-effective historic restoration in a variety of ways.

First, and perhaps most important, the MBA helps our restoration specialists better understand how to most efficiently and safely facilitate work on your property. One of the most costly and time-consuming aspects to any historic restoration are workplace accidents that result in further damage to your property or injury to workers. Our continued dedication to safe restoration processes have earned us recognition from a number of national safety and restoration organizations, and have helped us recruit and retain the most talented restoration team in the industry. 

Second, because the MBA process evaluates your property in a top to bottom manner regardless of where leaks are spotted or where damage occurs, property owners have a better understanding of the assets and liabilities of their historic structure both now and in the future. 

The ability to uncover damage you didn’t know even existed, or the potential for structural issues in the future, can help you adopt a more proactive approach that can save you thousands in interior and exterior restoration costs down the line. 

With a Renaissance Magellan Building Assessment, you can rest easy knowing that the short, mid, and long-term historic restoration needs of your property are in good hands. Learn more about our Magellan Building Assessment, or contact us to get a quote on your historic restoration project.