Coca Cola Home in Atlanta Georgia
Renaissance Roofing, Inc.Jul 9, 2014 3:41:00 PM2 min read

Coca Cola House with Custom Metal Roof Tiles

House in Atlanta, Georgia with red spanish style metal tilesThis photo shows the beautiful new Red Spanish Style Metal Roof Tiles on the Coca Cola Home in Atlanta, Georgia.

The weeks project profile is a Coca-Cola Home in Atlanta, Georgia. As you can see in the photo above, it is an absolutely stunning home showing off Red Spanish Style Metal Roof Tiles. This project profile has been brought to us by Lon Gorsch, he is a project manager for Renaissance Roofing and has been with our company for 9 years.

  • Name of the Resident or Company: Handcrafted Homes, Inc.
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Coca Cola image 3 1024x768 Coca-Cola-House-Metal-Tile-Before-Photo-Ground-View-1024x768-1 (1)

This circa 1910 home and was originally built for Asa Candler, the founder of Coca-Cola. This home is now on the National Register of Historic Places. Renaissance Roofing was commissioned to produce a new roofing system for this home. The home was undergoing a large scale restoration, and the original roof was well beyond its service life and simply had to be replaced.

Close up of rusted metal tile roof replace by renaissance roofing
This is a different before photo of the Spanish Style Metal Tile Roof.

We were tasked with creating a new system that would have a similar appearance as the original, fit their budget, and have a long lasting finish. The original tiles were fairly small and the interlocking feature was not very effective. When we designed the new tiles, we included the same interlock design as the metal tile we produced for a previous project. Additionally, to help reduce the installation and fabrication costs, the new tiles were made almost twice as long as the originals.

  • Type of Existing Roof: Spanish Style Metal Tiles
  • Type of New Roof: Spanish Style Metal Tiles
  • Material: 26 gauge galvanized steel with Kynar finish
  • Number of Squares: 37
red tile metal roof on a home
Ground view photo of the Red Style Metal Roof on the Coca Cola Home in Atlanta, Georgia.

We Fabricated/Furnished:

  • 4,240 pieces of field tile
  • 720 pieces of valley and eave tile
  • 257 pieces of decorative hip/ridge
  • 4 decorative finials

Unique challenges: These metal roof tiles are “pressed” or “stamped”. The challenge when pressing these metal roof tiles is to not damage the Kynar finish. There is a thin plastic film put on by the metal manufacturer that is designed to provide a level of protection during normal sheet metal fabrication. We were able to make the tooling and design manufacturing processes that allowed this film to stay intact all the way up until the tiles were installed.

Coca Cola image 5 1024x682 Coca-Cola-House-Atlanta-Metal-Tile-After-Photo-Close-Up-1024x682 (1)
This is a close-up photo of the Red Spanish Style Metal Tiles installed in the Coca Cola Home in Atlanta, Georgia.

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